Baby Clothes Shreveport

Form And Function For Your Baby

While you might be tempted to think that babies couldn’t care less about what they happen to be wearing, this is not actually the case. Baby clothes are not all created equal, and the knowledgeable and friendly staff at Shreveport’s Ladies In Waiting can help you select the ones that are right for you, your budget, and your new family member. Here are a few things to consider. Fabric:  It should go without saying that babies love soft, warm clothes that keep them dry and comfortable. The types of fabric used in baby clothes should be soft and warm, but also breathable, allowing your child’s skin access to fresh air without trapping moisture. If your baby has any allergies or...

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Lay The Foundation For Confidence And Style!

Have you ever seen somebody around Shreveport that you knew as a child and thought, “They haven’t changed a bit”? This may especially be true for those people that have a great sense of personal style. It may not be too much of a stretch to imagine that this stems directly from their parents’ choice in baby clothes. For better or worse, people react to us based on visual cues that can include the clothes we wear. The way in which we process people’s behavior toward us in turn informs our own sense of self. What’s more, this process begins at birth, and infants live and learn in a very impressionable stage of life. The baby clothes a child wears...

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