Be Ready For The Big Day

by Ariel Hooker

Expectant Mothers in Shreveport all have one thing in common: they want to make sure everything goes smoothly on their Big Day. Packing an overnight bag, having neighbors on call to look in on pets and children, putting your doctor on speed dial, and even planning a route to the hospital are all things that prudent parents should consider. And while being prepared for getting to the hospital on delivery day should be an essential part of any family’s plan, don’t forget about bringing your new family member home!

Your new baby is going to need diapers, wipes, bottles, blankets, clothing, mittens and hats to stay warm, clean, and comfortable. Of course, the hospital will be all too happy to supply most baby stuff at a significant markup. If you’re not convinced, ask to see a recent mother’s hospital bill. A charge of $8 per diaper, while ridiculous, is not uncommon. A better idea is to include a bag full of baby stuff on your list of essential things to bring to the hospital. That way you’ll get exactly what you need for a more reasonable price.

Ladies In Waiting is Shreveport’s source for any and all things baby. We can help you assemble a comprehensive kit of baby stuff to help you welcome your new little one into the world. We can even help you set up a baby registry that allows your friends and family to help you get what you need. Visit Ladies In Waiting today for essential baby stuff!