Braided Paci Clip in Mint

$ 15.99

Product Description

This handmade flat braided leather pacifier clip is stylish and perfect for your little one! Our pacifier clips aren't JUST for any and all types of pacifiers, they are multi-functional and can be attached to anything from babies' teethers, toys, bottles, sippy cups, blankets, Solly wraps, car seats, strollers, swings, high chairs and any other baby item that has a hole or place to pull our clip through! Keep your babies' things close by and off that filthy ground in style! 
So many of our pacifier clips are gender neutral. We have over 50 colors to choose from. Our clips never take away from your babies' outfits as they are the perfect accessory that's completely multi-functional. You'll have so much fun picking and choosing different pacifier clips to match your babies' outfits! 
Our pacifier clips aren't just unique, fashionable, and simple - they help keep your babies' items off the dirty ground, safe and close to your baby! Our pacifier clips themselves are the best as they don't clamp down too hard and will not ruin your child's clothing. 
 Each of these pacifier clips are handmade with love and precision here in the United States in a non-smoking environment. 
When choosing an actual clip for these pacifier clips, I looked at over a dozen of them before finding the perfect one. Our clips clamp down really well on your baby's clothing but they will not ruin the clothing. When I say they clamp down really well, I mean they've got a really good grip on the clothes, but the clamp itself won't hurt you, ( other pacifier clips do that, you know what I mean?) It comes on and off easily. They're well made and very sturdy. Besides the beauty of our pacifier clips, I love the clip itself! 
| STORY | 
When I was pregnant with my baby boy in October 2014, I couldn't find a pacifier clip on the market that I liked that wasn't bulky or tacky. I was wanting something simple, leather, and braided. That's when I had the idea to make stylish leather braided pacifier clips for him. Before I knew it, my friends were asking about them & strangers would ask me where I got them. That's when I decided to open this little shop! Madeline's Box is one of the very first to bring leather braided pacifier clips to market!  Thanks for stopping by! 


These pacifier clips are the perfect length! These clips are approximately 8.5 inches long, shorter than you'll find in regular stores. We have experimented with different lengths and found this to be the perfect length for many reasons, safety being one of them. 


This suede is made from specially treated microfibers- it will not crack, weather or smell. Just like leather, only better! Lasts longer and is cruelty free! The metal clips have a soft plastic insert so it will snap on & off easily and will not ruin clothing. 


Yes! These pacifier clips will work with any kind of pacifier and any other baby item as long as there is a hole or place to pull the loop of our clips through.